Olive trees were imported into Tuscany over 2000 years ago, and the trees growing in Chianti thrive on its particularly well-adapted soil.
Three major varieties comprise our olive grove : Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. As the grapes in wine, each kind of olive tree has its own individual qualities to obtain a fruity and well-balanced final product.

Hand-picking is still possible in Cerbaia which encompasses about 1.400 olive trees.

The external work consists of simple weeding in addition to the annual pruning of the trees. Our olive trees are not treated nor do they receive any additional irrigation. This relative aridity limits the quantity of olives but increases the variety of production each year and thus guarantees a much higher quality !

Harvesting tends to begin around mid-November. The olives are hand-picked while still attached to the branches, put into crates and being transported every evening to a mill where they are cold-pressed. It takes a great deal of olives to make a litre of oil; about 100 kilos of olives are needed to make a mere 15-20 litres of this liquid gold! After having been first-cold pressed, our 100% natural extra virgin oil is returned to us where it is being bottled.