Nature, art, history, gastronomy… Tuscany is rich in inexhaustible resources and continues to seduce the lovers of l’art de vivre.

From a cultural standpoint, Cerbaia is at the centre of the four largest cities of the region: Florence, Siena, Pisa and Arezzo. The architecture typical of the Renaissance period is abundant here like the Cathedral of Florence (Il Duomo) and the famous leaning Tower of Pisa. All the palaces, churches and museums are full of works painted and sculpted by the great masters who deeply transformed the artistic vision of the rest of Italy and Europe. Michelangelo and Leonardo de Vinci, two icons in the art world, were born just a few kilometres from Florence where they apprenticed.
And Volterra, the home to some of the splendid remains of the Etruscan civilisation, often copied by Ancient Rome ! Endless explorations, in addition to these sovereign cities, a multitude of villages throughout Chianti offer beautiful streets framed by medieval facades; incredibly lively coloured frescos, charming and animated little public squares, their old wells, the towers and ancient fortified doorways.
Visitors will never be short of surprises and discoveries in Tuscany ; sometimes just stumbling on a “brocante” (antique market) on a Sunday in a quiet little village, which from afar appeared asleep.

gastronomy and wine

Gastronomy and wine are fundamental in the “art de vivre” and culture of Tuscany. In the middle of nowhere, you can find a multitude of restaurants offering simple, fresh products and wines selected from the local farmers.

leisure and relaxation

Many trails invite for long walks, allowing for the discovery of certain natural treasures where nature has retained all its rights. It is impossible to tire of Tuscany’s diverse landscapes : vineyards, olive groves, meadows, fields, many forests, rivers in the hollow of the valleys, rolling hills, plains, lakes. The Mediterranean coast and beaches can be reached in 1h30 from Fattoria Cerbaia !
Sport lovers will be happy to find nearby golf courses and tennis courts. Horse back riding can also be organised in the area. It is possible to rent bicycles. Finally, why not be seduced by an overview of the Chianti region in a hot air balloon trip - just a few kilometres from Cerbaia.