Olive trees, planted in Tuscany for more than 2.000 years, benefit from a particularly suitable "terroir" in the Barberino Tavarnelle area.

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In our olive groves we grow mainly three varieties: Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo. They are among the most typical olive varieties of Tuscany. Each variety has its own characteristics to obtain a fruity and balanced final product.
There are just over 1.200 olive trees in Cerbaia.
The work in the olive groves consists in pruning the trees in winter and working the soil, mowing the grass that covers it. We do not irrigate our olive trees. The dry climate allows us perhaps less yield, but a final product of the very highest quality.
Our extra virgin cold pressed oil is 100% natural. It is stored and bottled by us. We use only the best olives for our final product.