Harmoniously nestled between vineyards and olive groves partly cultivated on terraces, the Fattoria Cerbaia, surrounded by rich woods and shady paths, is an ideal place for relaxing walks.

The house is built in the upper parts of the property, and the farm complex has been conceived in such a way as to form an ecologically complete system,
capable of stimulating its biodiversity and thus allowing a natural treatment of our cultures.

The origins of the name Cerbaia would in fact be due to the abundance of game in the woods and hills adjacent to the main house.

The buildings, from birth intended for agricultural activities and dating back to the 16th century, were renovated and expanded during the 18th and 19th centuries. The buildings have been completely made with the typical local stone, whose golden reflections vary in tone depending on the brightness offered by the sun; while the contours of doors and windows are typically decorated with Tuscan red brick.
Thanks to its fork window, the old dovecot proudly dominates the property and its entire valley.

The recent renovations have allowed to modernize the property with innovative structures from an environmental and energy point of view. In this regard, some solar panels allow us to meet a part of the company's energy needs as well as the recovery of rainwater from our roofs allows us to save this precious resource.

Important works have been carried out in vineyards since 2000: more than 3 hectares were replanted between 2000 and 2005, half a hectare in 2009, four hectares in 2010 and another 3.5 hectares in 2014 with high densities per hectare (6.250 plants). We decided to store one and a half hectare of old vineyards for a total of about 3.500 plants.
Every two years the missing vines are counted and systematically replaced to maintain a good balance of the vineyard and, consequently, a regular quality of our wines.

In olive groves, our choice is to let nature express itself at its best, which is why our interventions are kept to a minimum, as is the case in our woods.
Two skilled workers work full-time, accompanied by seasonal staff in times of greatest need.

Louis-Marie & Birgit

Born in Bordeaux, raised in the vineyards at Château Plaisance in Médoc, after studying Art Storia, Louis-Marie Chollet decided to combine his two passions arriving in 2008 in Chianti where he took charge of Fattoria Cerbaia, especially the productive part. Birgit, a native of Vienna, joined in 2010 after studying international economics and gaining some years of experience in private banking. Her tasks include all activities related to agrotourism and distribution.

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Fattoria Cerbaia is located 30 km from Florence, 40 km from Siena, 25 km from San Gimignano, 50 km from Volterra, an hour and a half from Pisa and from Arezzo. The nearest village where you can find stores, stores and necessary services is Tavarnelle Val di Pesa, 6 km away.

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Strada Cerbaia, 16, 50028
Barberino Tavarnelle - Florence

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