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The 12.5 hectares of vineyard allow us to produce three wines, the result of a unique land and climate: Chianti Classico, Chianti Classico Riserva and Luigi Maria.

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In the heart of Chianti our vines are grown on calcareous clay soils, with a south/south-east exposure, at an altitude between 220 and 300 meters, which allows for ideal sun exposure.

In order to obtain perfectly ripe and healthy grapes at the time of harvest, we work throughout the year in the most natural way possible with total absence of chemical herbicides and insecticides. Also in the cellar we intervene as little as possible in the course to obtain the maximum expression of our vines until the final product.

Important works have been carried out in vineyards since 2000: more than 3 hectares were replanted between 2000 and 2005, half a hectare in 2009, four hectares in 2010 and another 3.5 hectares in 2014 with high densities per hectare (6.250 plants). We decided to store one and a half hectare of old vineyards for a total of about 3.500 plants.

Every two years the missing vines are replaced to maintain a good balance of the vineyard and, consequently, a regular quality of our wines!